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Sales Success is an Australian-based, national and international sales training business that specializes in world-class, in-house sales training and coaching designed to transform people’s skills and deliver sustainable long-term results for them and your business.

Our overall objective is to help people ‘sell smarter’ not harder or longer. At Sales Success we have a proven track record of helping large, medium and small businesses boost sales and of elevating their sale representatives to ‘trusted advisor’ status’ and we look forward to doing the same for you.

10 Reasons to Partner with Sales Success

  1. Sustainable, embedded, long-term outcomes to maximise your investment.

    Our key focus is giving your people sales skills they can use as soon as they leave the training room, skills that will last a life-time and make a significant difference to your business. We achieve this by layering our training a bit at a time to ensure we build solid foundations and achieve significant transformation.

  2. We’re sales training specialists.

    That’s what we do and that’s what we’re very good at. (check out our client list here)

  3. Your sales coach will be a real-world business professional-not an actor, teacher or career trainer.

    At Sales Success, our coaches and trainers are seasoned sales professionals who have pitched and won major business all around the world and bring those ‘real-world’ skills to the training room…but that’s not all, they have a knack of putting people at ease and helping them grow in an environment that nurtures participation & learning.

  4. All our workshops and courses are tailor-made & personalised.

    Experience has taught us that no two businesses are exactly alike, and no two individuals are alike either, so we tailor every workshop to the business and personalise it to the individual’s needs. Oh, and by the way, tailoring and individualising the workshops is FREE.

  5. Tangible tools that can be used immediately.

    We’re all about providing useful tools that your people can use straight-away to prepare sales pitches in a fraction of the time and to be more persuasive than they ever thought possible.

  6. We won’t try and change who they are.

    We’re not about saying, ‘follow these rules and you’ll be a great salesperson’. We’re all individuals, with different communication and selling styles, so we’ll work out what works specifically for each participant and foster that.

  7. Our group workshops are also one-on-one workshops.

    To make sure everyone is totally prepared and totally confident, we’ll work with each participant one-on-one to ensure the theory and delivery components of the workshop are fully embedded for maximum transformation and long-term benefit.

  8. FREE 60 Days post workshop support for every participant.

    No other sales training company offers this, but we do it to ensure total embedding of all skills at a high degree of competency. If any of the participants has a question or needs help on a specific pitch after their training, they can contact their coach by phone, email or Skype and we will be only too happy to assist.

    We also offer a DEBRIEF PROGRAM and are happy to provide detailed feedback on all participants so that you and your team can assist them with their ongoing training and development in specific areas.

  9. Pre-workshop participant questionnaire for all participants.

    It’s important that we understand what each of our participants wants to achieve, what their concerns are and any specific areas they would like to focus on. We discover this via a simple online questionnaire that we send out prior to every workshop…and of course we would love to receive a briefing from sales, HR or L&D so that we can tailor the workshop to your business needs and personalise it for each participant.

  10. We only do in-house programs exclusively for you.

    We don’t do public programs because we believe they lack the confidentiality, specific business tailoring, individual personalisation and much-needed practice time of our in-house workshops where we can deal with the real world in a practical, constructive and innovative way. We also like to keep the groups relatively small so that we can achieve exactly that (public workshops tend to have 15-20 people).

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About your Principal Sales Coach - Chris Muir

Chris has been in sales, marketing, communications and training for over 30 years and has an understanding of modern B2B and B2C sales processes that’s second-to-none. He has advised and guided clients of all sizes, including Singapore Airlines, 3M, Sage, SC Johnson, Multiplex, NAB, Fuji Xerox, Canon Medical, Nokia, UPS, Mattel, Toshiba and Apple.

His ‘freak factor’ is asking the right questions at the right time and coming to grips with individual business strategies, understanding what ‘hot buttons’ different audiences have, then creating unique, needs-based value propositions and persuasive sales arguments that get results…and let’s not forget, passing those skills on to other people.

"A Sale is not something you Pursue; it's something that happens while you're immersed in serving your customers."

After an international career these days he runs Sales Success, addressing the needs of an ever-changing sales process and passing those skills on to a variety of businesses across all market segments. (see list of clients) He is also a regular speaker at conferences and industry events.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from UTS and an MBA from Booth Business School at the University of Chicago. He is also a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA), a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA) and a Certified Professional EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Analyst (CPEQA).

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Sales Success delivers sales training programs in all capital cities of Australia and travels to a host of regional and international destinations on request.

Submit your enquiry now to setup a no obligation, 15 minute consultation call with our Head Sales Trainer. We’ll dive into what aspects of sales you need help with the most & put you on your journey to help you and your salespeople reap the rewards.

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