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Sales Management Training
    • Ideal for people moving into sales management roles or to enhance existing sales management skills
    • Helps manage, train, support , structure & inspire sales teams
    • Exclusive in-house programs (no public programs)
    • Complete commercial confidentiality
    • From 2-10 people
    • 60 Days FREE Post Workshop learning support program (no one else offers this)
    • Expert feedback & guidance
    • Full debrief on all participants
    • More practice time than any other sales training company


The Sales Leader's Playbook

1 Day Workshop for up to 8 people

In this workshop you’ll discover what sales coaching is really all about, why you should do it, the purpose, where the focus should be, how to get the most out of your team, what a sales coach needs to do to be effective, what sales people value in a sales coach, how to create a vision for your team, your role and how it works and the solution to capacity and capability (time & skill).
Creating Strategic Sales Plans

1 Day Workshop for up to 8 people

Execution without strategy is like saying “Ready, Fire, Aim”. The fact is, when sales teams forge ahead without a clear plan, it can be chaos. Our Sales Success Strategic Sales Plan Template will guide you through the process of creating a strategic sales plan, step x step, territory x territory and rep x rep.

KPIs for Modern Sales Teams-What They Should be and Why

½ Day Workshop for up to 8 people

While some basic sales KPIs remain the same, industry changes have meant that modern sales teams now embrace some newer, more dynamic sales KPIs than previously. Discover 20 possible, & sometimes surprising, KPIs for modern sales teams.
The Secrets of Social Selling

1 Day workshop for up to 8 people

Selling has always been about social, so it’s no surprise that Social Selling works. Social selling is challenging the norm of how sales happen and how salespeople and marketers reach out to customers through their preferred social platforms. Find out how you can build customer trust and loyalty, socially because today it’s not about chasing customers, it’s about attracting customers.

Structuring Sales Teams to Thrive in the Modern Sales Process

1 Day workshop for up to 8 people

The changes in the modern sale process means we no longer look at salespeople and other people in your organization, such as product specialists and marketing, as individual contributors, but rather as a true team that cross-pollinates and contributes at appropriate steps on the customer journey. Let’s look at the options for your business.

Sales Success delivers sales training programs in all capital cities of Australia and travels to a host of regional and international destinations on request.

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